Project Monitoring

WHP provides initial technical advice on areas such as building contracts, Lease Arrangements and procurement arrangements. As part of our Project Monitoring Service we can carry out design compliance checks, procedure and construction reviews and act as Independent Consultant.

Our Project / Development Monitoring service incorporates the following services:

Due Diligence

Before an investor or funder becomes involved in acquiring an existing building or procures a new development it is important that due diligence is carried out on the legal, financial, construction and technical aspects of the project. WHP has extensive experience in the process involving single buildings or entire property portfolio and across the whole range of building types. Work to date has included:

  • Private Dwellings
  • Retail Units
  • Offices
  • Industrial units including warehousing and distribution
  • Sports Centres and Leisure Clubs
  • Supermarkets
  • Government buildings
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Pre acquisition reports

Having decided, in principle, to proceed with a development or investment opportunity the Client must then move to a further level of detailed appraisal. Our work culminates in the preparation of a pre acquisition report and it is important to emphasise that on many occasions the Client decides at this stage not to proceed any further due to issues that have been identified in our report. This highlights the value of the service that we are providing.

WHP pre-contract acquisition reports include:

  • Establishing Client requirements
  • Advising on the need to obtain other specialist advice.
  • Carrying out a site visit
  • Examining contracts and other documents prepared by the Developer’s team; ascertaining the duties of the Developer’s building advisors.
  • Reviewing drawings, specifications, bills of quantities, tender documents etc, in support of the building contract.
  • Ensuring that site investigations such as sub-soil reports, soil contamination reports, site drainage reports, mining reports etc. have been completed, commenting on design solutions based on the reports.
  • Examining all the necessary statutory consents, in particular Planning Approvals, Building Regulations Approvals, Listed Building Consents, Public Health Acts, Fire Authority Approvals.
  • Reviewing insurance arrangements made by the Developer or the Contractor
  • Reviewing and commenting on the reported construction costs
  • Reviewing the suitability and financial competence of the Contractor
  • Preparing cash flow forecasts against the Contractor’s programme
  • Attending pre-contract meetings with the Development team
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Construction Phase Monitoring

Having decided to proceed the scheme then moves in to the construction stages. The post-contract construction phase monitoring service includes:

  • Monitoring the building contract works and reporting on compliance with the building contract
  • Preparing monthly status reports on progress, costs of the building works, visiting site and reporting on quality standards against design proposals and monitoring defects.
  • Authorising payments to the building contractor on behalf of the trustee, under the terms of the development agreement.
  • Monitoring and reporting on approvals obtained from the local authority, building control and planning authorities.
  • Carrying out pre-completion building inspection with the Developer’s agents and counter signing and issuing of the completed final statement for the building works contract.
  • Obtaining copies of all necessary approvals from local authority, building control and planning authorities.
  • Reviewing the schedule of outstanding building contract works items at practical completion and reporting on the progress of these works.
  • Reviewing the health & safety file
  • Reviewing the notice of completion of making good defects and making proper representation.
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Reports for Banks and Funds

WHP acts as adviser and monitor to a number of the leading UK lending Banks that are involved in the construction and property sectors. This work is either carried out as part of the overall Development Monitoring process or as an independent stand alone appointment. In each case regular, usually monthly, reports are prepared following a site visit and meetings with the Developers team. These reports examine:

  • Progress
  • Quality
  • Adherence to budget
  • Compliance with Planning and any other statutory requirements

WHP works with a large number of clients to ensure that their key projects are indeed on time and budget throughout the project. Where there are concerns, we make recommendations to correct any shortcomings and then monitor their implementation.

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